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Propaganda, Fabrications, Distorsions, Ommissions, Yellow Journalism, and Complete BS. The propaganda wing of corporate America.

Expose the Lies of Corporate Media

Fake War Coverage
[VIDEO] CNN Fakes Iraq War News Coverage - Real 1991 uncoverage

Convienient "Technical Difficulties"
[VIDEO] CNN Cuts Live Feed on Army Soldier 1/2012
[VIDEO] Discussion about Ron Paul having enough supporters ID'd to win Iowa is cut off

[VIDEO] CNN Wants This Video Banned
Reporter sets out to forward the CNN agenda but fails because people have cameras and an Internet of their own.

[VIDEO] CNN Dana's Bash Says she is worried Ron Paul will do well in his 2012 Presidential Run

Wolf Blitzer - AIPAC
[VIDEO] Wolf Blitzer Gets Schooled by Professor Norman Finkelstein

[VIDEO] Wolf Blitzer Schooled by David Duke

Erin Burnett: Burnett began her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs.


"If you are not absolutely disgusted by the treasonous lies and propaganda of the corporate controlled "news" media, you have not been paying attention."

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